Kate Thornton FISAP, CCB, A.Dip

Providing an empathic approach to your dog's emotional responses
and presenting behaviours

One to One consultations in Norfolk and surrounding areas

Whoever your dog is, and whatever behavioural signs they are displaying, therapy attempts to explore the 'whole dog' - and not only your dog, but also your relationship, and how your dog's behaviour is affecting you and your family.

Sometimes dogs can suddenly begin to behave in unusual, or perhaps undesirable ways. Some may develop from puppyhood, whilst others may be the results of an unknown history - as in the case of rescue dogs.  Whatever your dog is doing, he/she has a very real reason for doing it, which I aim to understand via consultation and on observation with you and your dog

My speciality is surrounding behavioural issues, and not 'training'.  Whilst certain remedial programmes may include elements of training, the entire approach is with your dog's emotional (and physical) welfare at heart.  Therefore, between us, we go beyond training, and attempt to see how your dog is experiencing the world.  This has to be at the core of the process in order to begin to understand. Please visit my Consultations page to find out more!